Commercial Rolls are delicate tissue papers that are used for various purposes.

Some of their features and benefits are-

  • They are used as a proofing paper for printing many continuous page layouts while printing catalogs or brochures for an event.

  • They are available in a wide range of colors and styles. You have the advantage of choosing your commercial tissue Rolls according to your taste!

  • Office tissue rolls are specially made for office use. They are easy to store as they come in pocket-sized boxes which have neatly arrange tissues in them. They can be imprinted to have your company‚Äôs logo which can be a great marketing technique for your company.

  • Restaurant Tissue Papers find wide range of application from serving the food to using it after washing your hands. They are durable, thick, lent-free, and easy to dispose and help dispense hygiene.

  • Commercial Roll Manufacturers and wholesalers in a Mumbai-based company in India, offer branded and good-quality Commercial Rolls in bulk and at best prices.

Note: We offer the range of products at wholesale price for bulk quantity.

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