Wet tissue papers are helpful to remove sweat and dust of your face, hands and other parts of the body. They have moisture retained features which helps them to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards. To keep you safe from germs and bacteria, we have manufactured them by using sterling soft tissues at very high temperature.

These wet tissue papers can clean your skin, even the sweat that remains in the pores of your skin and give refreshing and radial skin. We have manufactured these tissue papers in such a way that they will offer you sweet fragrance and remove body odor. Customer can buy our wet tissues in wholesale price.

Benefits and Applications

  • Wet Tissue Manufactures in a Mumbai-based company are engaged in supplying Facial Wet Tissues at wholesale prices.

  • They can also help remove stain and doesn’t leave any residue after wiping.

  • Though widely used in Hospitals, Hotels, Hospitality industry and Glamour industry, it can also be used in everyday life to rejuvenate your skin and maintain hygiene.

Note: We offer the range of products at wholesale price for bulk quantity.

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