No introduction needs when it comes to tissues or paper napkins manufacturers in India. Yes, Orchids provides quality and hygiene tissues, paper napkins and rolls. Our tissues look simple yet professional in corporate events or conferences. These paper napkins are widely used in restaurants, hotels, salons, beauty parlours, hospitals, offices, birthday or wedding parties to wipe things easily. We also offer napkins which are printed with custom messages, designs or logos in different styles and colors.

All our paper napkins are soft and hygienic, and are available at most competitive price in comparison to other companies in India. You can use these napkins anywhere, anytime and for any purpose, and also convenient to carry while travelling.

Paper Napkins Specification

Series Size Details Packing
LS/Nap/9 9 x 9 inches Soft, 1 ply 75 pkts/crtn and 150 pkts/crtn
LS/Nap/12 12 x 12 inches Soft, 1 ply 75 pkts/crtn and 150 pkts/crtn
LS/Nap/13 13 x 13 inches Soft, 1 ply 75 pkts/crtn
LS/Nap/16 16 x 16 inches Soft, 1 ply 75 pkts/crtn

Benefits and Applications

  • Tissue paper napkins or towels are available in various sizes, patterns and colors.

  • It's less expensive and their manufacturing and relevant costs are low.

  • You can have custom print of your brand or logo on paper napkins which used as promotional items or gifts.

  • Such napkins can be kept folded into fancy shapes to enhance restaurant or party decor.

  • It's save the washing and laundry costs of the hospitality and medical industries.

  • Paper napkins are eco-friendly and more hygienic in compare to the cloth napkins.

Note: We offer the range of products at wholesale price for bulk quantity.

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