In modern times, demand of Toilet Tissue Rolls has been increased due to utility in various industries, hospitals, hotel, restaurants, malls, offices, schools and colleges. Hence Orchids Tissue Papers Products, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of tissue papers, toilet rolls and hygienic disposable products in Mumbai. The company is evolved in manufacturing tissue papers and rolls with soft fabric and anti-bacterial materials to give you hygienic, safe and soft feeling while drying your hands.

We provide various sizes of toilet tissue rolls like Jumbo Toilet Rolls, Deluxe Tissue Rolls, Printed Tissue Rolls, Coloured or White Toilet Rolls, etc which can be easily fitted to Tissue Roll Dispensers respectively. Our environment friendly toilet tissue rolls are soluble with water which means that they are easy to dispose and do not causes any blockages. We also produce various kinds of coloured, scented and imprinted toilet rolls having special layers of wax to decrease the coarseness.

Orchids Tissue Papers provides you a worthy deal for any requirement or need of tissue papers, rolls and hygienic products. We supply and export to major Asian and European countries like UAE, USA, UK, Taiwan, Iran, Singapore, Hong Kong, Norway, Australia etc.

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Toilet Tissue Rolls Specification

Series Details Packing
TR 50 Gms 2 ply, Soft & Highly Absorbent 250 rolls/crtn
TR 100 Gms 2 ply, Soft & Highly Absorbent 100 rolls/crtn
TR 150 Gms - Regualr 2 ply, Soft & Highly Absorbent 75 rolls/crtn
TR 150 Gms - Virgin 2 ply, Soft & Highly Absorbent 75 rolls/crtn

Note: We offer the range of products at wholesale price for bulk quantity.

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