Travelling in itself is a small adventure where your body, especially your face (the most presentable part of your body) struggles with lots of dust in the environment. During this journey, the only portable object which could make you feel fresh and help your face to be clean is the Facial Tissue Paper.

Facial tissues are a kind of tissue papers which are of the softer variety and are used on the face. They are a preferred substitute to the cloth handkerchief and a must have item in your travel-kit. They were first introduced under the brand name of ‘Kleenex’ and even in today’s times, facial tissues are synonymous with ‘Kleenex’.

Why were Facial Tissues Introduced?

Facial tissues originally were introduced for the purposes of aiding the woman in removal of their makeup. However, the manufacturers soon discovered its other and more popular use namely to blow one’s nose during a cold. They brought out still softer varieties and emphasized the hygienic aspect of this use. There was then, just no looking back for them.

Varieties available for Use

Today, you have got innumerable varieties in facial tissue papers. You have the 2-ply or the 3-ply, the scented or the plain kind, ones with lotion or without lotion, some with menthol extract or others with aloe extract. There are many kinds to suit the varied needs of the individual.

What are sizes available?

A facial tissue paper comes in varied sizes and you can choose them depending upon your requirements. Accordingly, they come in square boxes with average dimensions of 4.375 by 4.375 by 5.25 inches. There are others which are slightly bigger in size; on the other hand you have some which are ‘pocket-size’ packets too.

Facial Tissue Paper-Travel Companion

acial tissues have become a very handy item during your travel times. The main purpose of the tissue is to blow your nose and irrespective of whether you have colds or not, the dust encountered during travel necessitates the blowing of your nose. Whatever is the mode of your travel, the extra oiliness and grime on your face can be effectively wiped away with wet wipes. You can refresh and rejuvenate your face as you near your destination after long hours of travel. It also happens that all bathrooms are not equipped with bathroom tissue; in such cases, facial tissues can come to your aid and perform their function. However, you need to be extra cautious while flushing them. It is better to dissolve them slightly or use and flush them piece by piece so that there is no incidence of paper clogging in the toilet.

If you have kids or babies with you on your travel, then facial tissue papers are a godsend to every mother. Wiping her child’s mouth after his or her feed or meals or cleaning the face or using it as a disposable washcloth, the uses can be many.

Convenience Factor

Facial tissues are very convenient during your travel. They increase the hygienic element and they can be disposed off easily. In order to enhance the skin feel, they are made soft with softening agents and this minimizes the rasping effect on the delicate body parts.

The manufacturer provides both options; the moderately priced facial tissues of a reasonably decent quality as well as the premium brand which is priced higher for its extra softness. Most of the facial tissue manufacturers in Mumbai try to fit in a good quality at affordable prices so as to build their brand and obtain a regular clientele for their products.

Facial tissue paper has now become a necessity for every traveller. Make sure to get the best quality facial tissue papers from brands like Orchids Tissue Paper Products.

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