Facial tissue papers can be seen in malls, shopping complexes, schools, clinics, theaters and even in cars and many more. Tissue papers were originally invented for women only so that they can easily remove their makeup easily. As the popularity of tissue papers increased in terms of advantages and easy disposability, use of these tissues was increased by both genders unbelievably. You can use tissue papers to wipe makeup, wipe sweat, facial impurities and wipe runny nose. After a long research when companies realized that these tissue papers were used for only facial purposes, companies changed their marketing strategies to sell these tissue papers and they became facial tissue papers and are being used in almost every commercial as well as residential purposes.

These tissues are available in different types, such as menthol scent so that a people can blow their nose and take menthol vapors at the same time. They are also available in lotion or without lotion, aloe scent etc. when you run short on bathroom tissues then you can also use these tissues and they will offer the same functions as bathroom tissues. Best thing about facial tissue paper is that they are extremely soft and small in size which makes them easy disposable product. You can easily keep them in your pocket and use them anytime you want. Facial tissues help to take away bacteria, germs and other impurities that stay on your face after a long day of work. Using tissue papers certainly reduces the expenses of your laundry because handkerchief and other cloths need to be washed regularly.

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